Monday, June 30, 2008

If you believed in the Statutory Declaration ...

From Rocky's Bru & Malaysiakini

From Tivoli to Unit 1151, Kondo Desa Damansara

The following police report was made on 28 June 2008 at 5.45 PM by Mohd Saiful Bukhari bin Azlan, who turns 23 next week (i/c no 850706-01-5687):

"Saya Mohd Saiful Bukhari b Azlan ingin melaporkan bahawa saya telah diliwat oleh majikan saya. Perkara ini berlaku tanpa kerelaan saya. Kejadian terakhir berlaku 26/6/08 di Unit 1151, Kondominium Desa Damansara, Jln Setia Kasih, KL. Oleh itu, tujuan laporan ini dibuat untuk mendapat pembelaan dan keadilan keatas diri saya. Saya juga berasa bimbang dengan keselamatan diri dan keluarga saya jika perkara ini tersebar luas di khalayak ramai. Majikan saya Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim - Ketua Umum PKR."

Logically, people who pooh-poohed RPK's statutory declaration and saw it as a political ploy will pooh-pooh this police report and see unseen hands, too. And vice versa, right?

I never believed Anwar was a sodomite, just as I don't believe Rosmah was there at the scene of Altantuya's murder. My belief, however, makes no difference to the people who believe that Anwar is indeed a sodomite and to the people who have already made up their minds that Najib must be linked to the Mongolian's murder.

There are fanatics among us today and we live in difficult times.

My advice (to those who aren't yet fanatics) is still the same: let the police investigate the claim. If it goes beyond that, let the courts hear the case.

After all, don't we have a more credible judiciary now? A more credible police force? A more courageous civil society movement? A freer and more democratic Press under Prime Minister Badawi.

Badawi says his Government has nothing to do with the sodomy police report against DSAI. He says he was shocked. Click here to read his shock. And Anwar says the police report by his private assistant was total fabrication, here.

updates, 2pm
from Malaysiakini
Wan Azizah: Aide was volunteer staff

This morning party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said that Saiful was a volunteer who joined to help the party during the general election period three months ago.
She added that little was known of him and that no background check was done on him as he was just a volunteer. He later become a special assistant to Anwar.
Saiful is a former student leader at the Universiti Tenaga Nasional.
Wan Azizah also added that Anwar "was taking it well" with the latest happening.

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