Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fitnah : Take Two

By: Tian Chua


When the producers in Hollywood did poorly in box office, they made “Superman 2″.

I was not surprised with the vicious attack from the BN regime. The BN guys are sore losers, thus we have anticipated a massive crackdown against our democratic movement.

The conspirators should be reprimanded for lacking creativity. These guys are too lazy and did not even bother to change script. The dictum of propaganda is to repeat the same lies repeatedly until people believe the lies.

However this is simply an insult to people’s intelligence. If the people did not believe this 10 years ago, what would it take to make people believe this time?

The leadership of the regime must be feeling under siege. Anwar is perceived as the most vital pillar for KeADILan. He is now the “No. 1 Enemy of the Country”.

The movies makers of “Fitnah 1″ did a bad job last round. Now they are given another chance. After 10 years, technology has advanced a great deal. We are awaiting more exciting plots, and perhaps more sophisticated or even more hi-tech probes.

Unfortunately the director has not become wiser.

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