Saturday, November 1, 2008

What makes Najib think he is widely accepted as the next PM?

In my short stint as a political blogger I was always aware of the dark and sly Najib Razak, the country's no.2 and a premier aspirant. His sinister maneuverings behind Pak Lah's impending ouster as the PM confirms my theory that this is one very opportunistic SOB.

With Malaysia ailing, the Rakyat suffering, the people have spoken loud and clear and gave BN the biggest electoral whooping in the history of this proud country. Pak Lah took the brunt and the blame. His impending resignation is testament to this. Although it was a concerted efffort, he took it like a man and took responsibility for it.

But one question remain, why is Najib replacing him? is he not equally responsible for the failed economic policies of BN and UMNO? is he not also culpable for the mass exodus of support form the Chinese and Indian Malaysians?

To me, Najib is the second-in-command of the same ship. He stood by Pak Lah even to the extent of bashing Mahathir in defence of the Penangite. He gave all his support to Pak Lah and in no small degree either! He vehemently supported him and warned others not to break his 'alliance' with him.

As Pak Lah's XO and guilty of consortium shouldn't he give way to another person? A person who has consistently opposed and spoken out against Pak Lah and his failed policies? The collective responsibility notion applies here and he need not parade around thinking that he has the majority confidence. Believe me, come the next General Elections or even sooner, the next Prime Minister will be Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

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