Monday, December 22, 2008

Heartless Takeover

Tian Chua

The National Heart Institute or Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) will be taken over by Sime Darby, with the BN Government consent.

Another of public service fall into profiteering corporation. Over the last few years, IJN had saved many lives and provided poor people affordable services. With Sime Darby takes over 51% of the shares, the quality and affordability healthcare will soon be a big question mark.

The Government said that as long as the private company promises not to neglect its social obligation.

This guaranty holds no water. After all these years, we have seen failure after failure in all our privatization schemes, BN leaders still try to fool the people.

Even if our philanthropic minded Directors in Sime Darby agree to pour in money to ensure affordable healthcare, for how long they would do that? What stop them in the future (if Sime Darby go burst) to sell IJN to McDonald?

Private company has different priority and it is also naive to expect them not to fulfill social services at no profit. Healthcare access for lower and medium income earners in this country has deteriorated over the last few years, instead of improving services the Government is selling off more assets to make profit.

The people must take a strong stand to oppose this move!

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