Friday, November 7, 2008

PRESS STATEMENT - Release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin


The release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin from ISA detention is a victory for the people of Malaysia. In its ruling against the Home Ministry, the High Court of Shah Alam has exposed yet another crack in the steadily eroding wall of justification surrounding the ISA.

I commend the courts which have come to the rescue, as they must do, when citizens are rendered helpless before arbitrary authority and its inclination to the abuse of power. It is through the judge’s commitment to justice that Raja Petra will once again experience the freedom that is the birthright of all Malaysians.

This episode underscores the fact that the government of the day is unfit to lead. By the sheer arrogance of its perceived grip on power, it has failed to recognise and respond to the Malaysian people’s desire for democracy, freedom and adherence to the rule of law.

Those BN leaders and particularly cabinet members who expressed staunch support of the ISA should feel remorse
over the hardship that has been foisted upon Raja Petra, his family and the many others still detained without hopes of trial.

To those members of Parliament who have been silent in response to Pakatan Rakyat’s efforts to initiate a debate on abolishing the ISA, I urge you to reconsider your position. The Court's decision today offers a new opportunity to work together to rid Malaysia of this unjust law once and for all.

Many others still languish in prison under the draconian ISA, including members of Hindraf and individuals allegedly involved with radical groups such as Jemaa Islamiyah. They all deserve the right of judicial review.
I reiterate my call for their immediate release and that any credible charges against them should be made in a court of law.


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