Monday, July 7, 2008

Mob sets on rock band during rally - Malaysiakini

A segment of the crowd at the Kelana Jaya stadium turned unruly today following a rude gesture from a singer of a performing rock group, Carburator Dung.

The lead singer of the rock group, which was performing as part of the programme today in the anti-oil hike rally, caused outrage among a large portion of the spectators by showing his buttocks in the midst of a raucous performance of the band's signature song Jilat.

protes fuel price hike rally mppj stadium 070708 26There are conflicting accounts of whether the singer had showed his bare buttocks or just his boxer shorts to the crowd.

However, his action did not go down well with some in the crowd given the sodomy allegations faced by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Following some booing and jeering by the crowd, the security detail comprising of PKR Youth members stopped the band's performance at about 7pm but a large section of the crowd surged towards the stage.

Projectiles rained on the stage as the security personnel quickly whisked the band members away from the mob.

Organisers apologise

Most of the projectiles thrown were water bottles but a brick narrowly missed a press photographer.

"Turun pentas, kita orang Islam. Sudah nak maghrib. (Get off the stage. We are Muslims. It is almost time for maghrib prayers)," shouted one angry member of the crowd.

It was uncertain if members of the band were injured during the melee.

The individual in charge of organising the performances during the rally, Hishamuddin Rais, later took the rostrum and apologised to the crowd over the incident, taking responsibility over the fiasco.

Members of the crowd appeared to accept the apology, with one shouting, "Make sure this does not happen again!"

Meanwhile, Coalition Against Inflation (Protes), the organiser of the rally, also apologised over the incident and claimed that the coalition was unaware of the details of individual performances.

"We were under the impression that the performances merely included musical acts which touched on political struggle," said Protes spokesperson Tah Moon Hui.

Boycott by PAS volunteers

In another development, 700 members of the PAS volunteer unit known as Unit Amal, have boycotted the rally over another rock band Lawan Tetap Lawan's performance earlier this afternoon.

The maroon-clad Unit Amal volunteers were part of the event's security and traffic detail and were apparently upset over the punk band's performance which they felt was unsuitable at such an event.

Federal Territories PAS Unit Amal chief Sharifuddin Mohd Yatim confirmed that his volunteers had withdrawn from the event.

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