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Two arrested at Kg Baru mosque - Malaysiakini

Syed Jamal Zahiid | Jul 4, 08 3:09pm

Two men were arrested today for attempting to gather a mosque congregation to protest the recent sodomy allegations against PKR

de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

As soon as they started to address the disparate groups at the mosque after Friday prayers, police nabbed them.

kg baru protes pkr members arrested by police 040708 02The arrested duo have been identified as Muhamad Khairul Anwar Bin Mat Azidin, a member of PKR youth wing and Muhammad Haidhir Khalid, from the anti-oil hike NGO Ikrar.

Haidhir when accosted by the police did a short impromptu sit-in before he was escorted by six police officers to a waiting truck. They have been brought to the Dang Wangi police station where they remain in custody as at press time.

At 5.30pm, the duo were brought to the Dang Wangi police station for investigation into participating in an illegal gathering.

In the little time they had before police intervened, they roused the crowd up about the alleged government hatched conspiracy against Anwar.

“Anwar is the leader of Pakatan Rakyat and when he is heinously accused, then supporters of Pakatan are also heinously accused. The accuser is obviously part of a government conspiracy against Anwar,” said Haidhir, which led to shouts of “reformasi!” from the people.

Haidhir was alluding to Saiful Azlan Bukhari who lodged a police report against Anwar last Saturday alleging that the PKR leader has sodomised him several times while he served as his aide.

kg baru protes pkr members arrested by police 040708 01Anwar has denied the allegations and counter-accused Saiful of being an agent of the Umno-led government. The claim has been strengthened by the photo evidence furnished by Anwar and PKR, showing Saiful being ‘close’ to a few Umno leaders.

About 300 people had begun to gather to hear them talk. The police managed to disperse the crowd by arresting the two. It was anticipated that a protest march - which broke down with the arrest of the two apparent protagonists - would ensue from the mosque after Friday prayers to the Sogo shopping centre, which is five kilometres away.

About 80 police personnel, including those from the Federal Reserve Unit light strike force, were stationed at the mosque and its vicinity since early afternoon.

Sunday protest in Kelana Jaya

kg baru protes pkr members arrested by police 040708 03PKR Youth chief Syamsul Iskandar who arrived after the duo were in custody, said that the arrests were unwarranted, since they have the right to express themselves peacefully.

“All they did was try to express themselves and in a country that professes to be democratic they should be allowed to do so,” said Syamsul.

Syamsul took the opportunity to remind the public about the mass anti-fuel hike protest scheduled to take place this Sunday at the Kelana Jaya Stadium and urged the people to come out in full force.

The mammoth rally dubbed as the ‘one-million people gathering’ to protest against the recent government fuel price hikes is organised by the Anti-Inflation Coalition (Protes).

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